@AZSports: After finding his groove late in the 2020 season, Cardinals DE Zach Allen went into the offseason looking to keep momentum on his side.

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@GrandpaKeebs: Crazy day of baseball continues. The #Dbacks take on the Dodgers at Chase Field. Follow @AZSports for updates and check out the site for facts and observations from yours truly after the game! #RattleOn

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@AZSports: The 2021 NBA Draft came and went without a selection by the Suns, but the questions coming general manager James Jones’ way after the draft were always going to be more centered around the upcoming weeks regardless of a new rookie coming aboard or not.

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@AZSports: Devin Booker can finally take a few days to collect himself after wrapping the NBA Finals, flying to Tokyo and playing in two games for Team USA.

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@azcsports: Collin Morikawa learned a big lesson after winning the 2020 PGA Championship that bears remembering coming off his British Open title.

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@AM570LASports: .@Theoldp: “USC is having trouble selling tickets. What students? You haven’t cultivated this. You can’t just expect something to be there after you ignore it for 10 years.”

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